Uk Visa Services - Immigration, Migration, visa advice
Uk Visa Services - Immigration, Migration, visa advice Uk Visa Services - Immigration, Migration, visa advice Uk Visa Services - Immigration, Migration, visa advice Uk Visa Services - Immigration, Migration, visa advice Uk Visa Services - Immigration, Migration, visa advice Uk Visa Services - Immigration, Migration, visa advice
Uk Visa Services - Immigration, Migration, visa advice Uk Visa Services - Immigration, Migration, visa advice Uk Visa Services - Immigration, Migration, visa advice Uk Visa Services - Immigration, Migration, visa advice Uk Visa Services - Immigration, Migration, visa advice Uk Visa Services - Immigration, Migration, visa advice

Visa Categories to the UK

UK immigration rule maker’s objective is to boost Britain's economy by attracting the right skills there from around the world and ensuring the country is easy to visit, legally.

On 29 February 2008, a new Australian-style points based system was introduced to ensure that only those with the right skills or the right contribution will be able to go to the United Kingdom to work and study.

Applicants earn points for their skills and the potential they show for economic success, and must show competence in English language and the ability to support themselves and their dependants.

Employers and sponsors play a crucial part in making sure the system is not abused. Employers and institutions must apply for a licence to sponsor migrants to the United Kingdom, and meet a number of sponsorship duties.


Visitor’s visa:
UK immigration is tightening up on all visas to the UK, early 2009 all South Africans will need visas to visit the UK for business, leisure or family visits.

Husband, wife & partners:
You can join your husband, wife, unmarried partner, civil partner, fiancé, fiancée or proposed civil partner in the UK providing you meet the requirements for each of the mentioned permits. Our specialist consultants will ensure you receive up to date information.

It’s not so easy anymore to study in the UK, due to the programme being abused, therefore tighter rules were implemented. All students will have to show that they are genuinely there to study to better themselves and have evidence that they will be able to accommodate and support themselves without the need to take up employment.

Joining family members:
This permit makes provision for children under 18 and parents & grand parents over 65 to join their family in the UK as dependants. The rules are constantly changing on this provision, our consultants will provide you with current information.

Returning residents:
This permit is available for persons who had Indefinite leave to Remain in the UK and did not take up citizenship. If one has been outside the UK for a certain time period – this permit will be available for the applicant to return to the UK.

Ancestral visa:
Having a grandparent born in the UK will qualify you for the ancestral visa. This is a 5 year visa that allows the holder to take up employment in the UK. Spouses & dependants will also be allowed to accompany the main applicant with the same rights as the main applicant.

Sole representative:
Companies that want to set up an office in the UK or establish a presence there. This provision is aimed to promote commerce therefore boosting the UK economy. The company will have to show they are competent and have the resources to achieve this.

Work permits:
From November 2008 it will be required by new immigration rules and regulations that all companies in the UK need to apply for a licence from the Home Office UK to employ foreign staff. We can assist with the registration process as well as the entry clearance (visa) application. We will be able to assist you in all of the following work permit applications:

  • Inter company transfers
  • General work permits (occupation on shortage skills list)
  • MEWP – Multi Entry Work Permits
  • Business and commercialwork permit – allows the employer to recruit outside the EEA if local work force cannot fill the vacancy from the resident worker.
  • Sportspeople and entertainers - UK employers to employ established sportspeople, entertainers, cultural artists and some technical and support people from outside the EEA
  • GATS (Global Agreement on Trade in Services) - employees of companies that are based outside the European Union to work in the UK on a service contract awarded to their employer by a UK-based organisation.
  • Training and Work Experience Scheme (TWES) - people from outside the EEA to carry out work-based training for a professional or specialist qualification, or a short period of work experience as an extra member of staff.

Permit free employment:
Provision has been made in the UK immigration rules and regulations for the following persons to take up employment in the UK under the ‘permit free employment’ section:

  • minister of religion, missionary or member of a religious order
  • sole representative of an overseas company in the UK
  • representatives of overseas newspapers, news agencies and broadcasting organisations
  • airport-based operational ground staff of overseas-owned airlines
  • teachers and language assistants coming to the UK under approved exchange schemes
  • seasonal agricultural workers
  • overseas government employees
  • science and engineering graduates, and
  • dependants of any of these workers.

Working holiday visa:
Persons between the ages of 18-30 can go to the UK on an extended holiday for a period of up to two years. Employment is permitted but only to accommodate and maintain the holder of this visa. The aim of the visa is that the applicant does not take up employment for personal gain, but solely to maintain himself while in the UK. This scheme is due to end autumn 2008 (UK) for all South Africans – as it will only be available to countries offering the scheme in their country.

EEA family permit:
Persons married to EU passport holders need to apply for this permit before travelling to the UK for employment reasons. This permit is only valid for 6 months but can easily be extended in the UK, we can assist with the extension process in the UK. Unmarried partners are also able to apply for this permit should they be able to show a 2 year relationship and meet all the requirements.

Appeals & Reviews:
We can assist all applicants that were refused a visa for the UK, providing you have the right of appeal. We will carefully assess your situation and current circumstances and advice you accordingly on how to go about the process. We will manage the process on your behalf.

Tier 1 (General) application – (HSMP)

You will need to obtain a minimum of 75 points from the following 5 scoring areas:

  • Points for age if you are under 32 years of age.
  • Educational Qualifications
  • UK degree level or professional level qualification
  • Previous Earnings (12 months out of 15 months previous to your app)
  • UK work experience

You will need to score 10 points under each of the points below:

  • English language ability (10 points)
  • Maintenance funds        (10 points)

TIER 1 GENERAL rules will be explained to you in more detail as each application differs from the next. You do not need employment lined up in the UK by the time you make your TIER 1 application.

Uk Visa Services - Immigration, Migration, visa advice